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Article: Fun and relaxed

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Fun and relaxed

"I would highly recommend Doctor Shonpal. He has a good balance of being professional and compassionate at the same time as being really fun and relaxed. He is very approachable and extensively knowledgeable. He takes a lot of care in diagnosing patients in that he listens to patients very carefully about their problems and finds out more until he is satisfied in giving them the right advice. A fantastic Doctor!" Susan, 35, Banker

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Missing Puzzle in Modern Medicine!

"The missing puzzle in modern medicine. Most doctors have no time to encourage and promote those little steps or changes which every patient can do for themselves if empowered with the right knowle...

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Ex Monk to Holistic Doctor

"This Doctor Shonpal is the business. I really value people who walk the walk. Thanks for sharing your wealth with us. As an ex monk, he is a great holistic and inspirational doctor who really work...

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